School Holiday Programme Debate

With the start of the June holidays, there have been pretty much debate on the matter of schools getting students back for lessons. Much have been discussed. "School principals give yourselves a break"

In my humble opinion, I think that holiday classes are absolutely required for graduating students for example the students doing their O Levels. Having said that, I am not suggesting that schools take up all the entire school holidays for that purpose. Depending on the objectives of these holiday classes, having 1-2weeks of them is reasonable. Teachers can get a break too.

Being an educator myself, I understand the importance of recharging one's mind to be prepared for the remaining terms. So teachers deserve a break too but the fact that they are committing their break time to their students speak volume. So it was a little disheartening when I read with disappointment on how parents not see from the point of teachers and principals in this case.

As for other level of students, I feel that enrichment programmes can be introduced during this holidays but made on a non-compulsory basics, allowing parents and students to make their own decision. Holidays are meant to be of a balance of work and play. From the articles read in Strait Times Forum, it seems to be that some parents aren't too appreciative of the schools' good intention. But arrangements for such programme must be communicated in advance to the parents so that parents can plan for their overseas trip with their children.

Well, in terms of school holiday programmes, I want to acknowledge my fellow educators working real hard at making a difference in the students' life and the effort of the school in planning for the enrichment programmes.

Hmmm... perhaps we should have a term devoted to some sort of summer camps just like in USA. Being a camp counsellor in USA, I totally love the experience!

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