Revisit: A-Math Logarithms Equations (Plus: Types of Equations & How To Identify Them Easily)

With the school holidays period at this moment, it is perhaps a good time to revisit some of the 'killer' topics in O Level Math. I will start off with revisiting A-Math Logarithm Equations (Why: Logarithm is a brand new concepts taught only in Sec 3 unlike some other topics which are taught fundamentally in lower Sec; being such a new concept, some students could be a little overwhelmed by what Logarithm is all about)

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To solve logarithm equations, it is very important to be able to identify the main types of equations.

Types of Logarithm Equations

There are 4 main types which I have classified:

  1. Only Log (singing to the tune of "Only you" lalalalala.....)
  2. Same Log-Log
  3. Different Log-Log
  4. Clones!

Features of each type of Log Equations

  1. Only Log: Log appears once
  2. Log with same bases (bases are the subscript beside Log)
  3. Log with different bases
  4. Exact looking log appears more than once

Examples for each type as stated above:

  1. [pmath]log_2 \{3x+1}/{2x-7} = 3[/pmath]
  2. [pmath]log_3 (2x+1) - log_3 (x-7) = 2[/pmath]
  3. [pmath]log_4 3y - 2log_2 x = 1[/pmath]
  4. [pmath](log_5 x)^2 = 2log_5 x [/pmath]

In the next post, I will be showing step by step way to solve Clones! type of Logarithm Equations. Ensure you subscribe to our feed to be posted of updates.

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