Relationship between Music and Mathematics ?

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I was at National Library (Singapore) website to renew my books when I chanced upon this blog post on "What is the relationship between classical music and mathematics?" 

I find it to be rather interesting as never have it crossed my mind that Music and Mathematics could share something common (despite the fact that I have been 'living' with Mathematics for the most part of my life). The 1st thing that comes to my mind was: Music is full of notes & emotion while Mathematics is full of equations, logic and steps by steps. Totally different!

I read the article and find that there indeed lurks some 'complex' relationship between Music and Mathematics. To further prove my shock, I Google on this question 'is there a link between music and mathematics?' There are almost 7 million results out of this search! with many indicating some links between Music and Mathematics!

I caught a main keyword amidst all the different articles on the similarity that both subject share: PATTERNS.

The music and math connection works both ways: it's common for children who do well in math class to be extremely successful when it comes to playing an instrument and reading musical notes. The combination of both these skills will often lead to better overall performance in school.

From The Link Between Music and Math

Well it does not seem to apply to me. I am good in solving and coaching Mathematics :-) (Getting better and better as time goes by) but I was never good in my piano!

Though there are many studies which have confirmed the relationship of Music and Math to share some similarities to a certain extent, what are your thoughts on this question?

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