'O' levels & Sec 3 Math & Chemistry Holiday Programmes 2010 (Revision & Headstart)

UPDATE: Early Bird registration is extended to 6 Dec 09, 2359 hours (Singapore time)

Credit: Art Institute of Portland

Most Secondary two students would have received your streaming results, stating the subject combinations for Sec 3 for year 2010, haven't you?
I hope you like the combination as you are going to eat, sleep and breathe those subjects.
For Secondary three students, I hope most if not all of you have been promoted to Sec 4. Pat yourself if you have done well. If you haven't done well, what are you going to do this holiday?
Regardless if you are Sec three or 'O' level students next year, are you ready to rock & roll?

We are excited for 2010!

You don't have to do everything during this holidays, you just need to do 1 - 2 right things while enjoying your break. I'm not even talking about doing your holiday assignments.

  • If your concepts aren't great, build them up by re-learning them!
  • If you aren't practicing enough, start working on sums, doing your five/ten years series!
  • If you hate the subject or have no interest, use this holiday to decide if you are intending to continue or give up, find time sit down and read about the subject, get a friend to explain the annoying concepts to you

“The moment you say 'I know everything' is the end of your growth.”

If you like to experience learning with a difference, spend your holidays more meaningfully, enrich yourself in these 'O' level Math or Chemistry, we would like to extend the invitation to join us at our December Holiday Mastery Workshops & Essential Concepts Revision Programme!

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