My Revision Workshop Covers 40% of the GCE 'O' Level A-Math Papers

Slide1 Many parents called me to ask "What is the workshop all about?"

Well, this workshop as the name suggests, Essential Concepts Revision Workshop, not Sec 4 jumpstart lessons (Differentiation and the the rest of the Sec 4 topics will be taught next year in the Ultimate Leap Programme)

Essential Concepts Revision Workshop will cover extensively the following modules

  • Surds
  • Indices
  • Logarithms
  • Quadratic Equations & Functions
  • Trigonometry (*All time "favourite"!)

If you happen to have the latest GCE 'O' level A-Math exam papers, 40% of the marks!( It's heavy) are solely devoted to testing students on the mentioned modules! All these are Sec 3 modules which students MUST have the solid foundation before they even talk about What's Up in Sec 4 A-Math.

More details are available here >>>

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