Linear Law,Just 1 Strategy Makes A Grade Difference

What is Linear Law?

It is a tool which will allow you to transform non-straight line equation to straight line equation so that you can plot a straight line. Most of the time, the axis will consist of x and/or y

One of the techniques involving taking lg (log base 10) on both sides of the given equation.


Common Mistake! STOP

This is one of the common mistakes I have highlighted in Top 7 Commonly Made Mistakes in Logarithm

How To Counter This Mistake

Very simple. Just add in a bracket on the right hand side of the equation.
y=(Ax^b)<br>  =>lgy=lg(Ax^b)<br>  => lgy=lgA+lgx^b<br>  => lgy=lgA+blgx<br>

Now, your y-axis will be lg y and x-axis will be lg x. Gradient = b and y-intercept = lg A

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  1. Hi...nice to meet you. I am a O level student from M'sia. I'm searching high and low for the history of Linear Law. Do you have it? i need this for my MCE additional project. I hope you can help me out. Thanks alot Ms Ai Ling.


  2. Bear in mind that when using LaTeX, \lg is the common logarithm.

    Good LaTeX know-how goes a long way in ensuring that your articles are easily read.


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