Kept getting F9s for all A-Math exams


There is only a month left plus left to A-math O lvls yet i keep getting F9s for all the exams. How do i pass that subject? Have tried doing TYS and practice papers, unsuccessful as i kept getting stuck at all the questions.

Hi xxx,

Good to know that you take action to be better. Since we kept getting stuck at all questions, it might signify your skills and concepts understanding are not firm yet. What I suggest you to do is to look CAREFULLY and examine the questions which you could not continue, ask yourself what is it that you cannnot do.

Is it you dont understand what the qn is asking or you dont have the basic skills in handling the qns?
Well, I can help you but you need to show me 1 question which you have done but couldn't get the answer or couldn't move on.
I will highlight to you what is it that you are lacking.


PS: Time is precious at this moment, get your teacher to help you out or a friend who you think you can trust to push you through this period.

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  1. hey. thanks for your introduction wor! never knew there's such a blog that caters to olvl students' needs. cooL! so helpful! thanks!!! all the best to olvl students out there!


  2. i now lost interest in studying....
    and now is my prelim....
    i feel like i nt putting in much effort....
    when come to study... i feel like sleeping.....


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