I wonder if anyone can answer my wonder

Hello Universe,

Here I'm sitting in front of my laptop, typing my entry of the day. There's always this question that bugs me, who is exactly reading my entries on my site. It seems like readers on my site are the "quiet" kind? Well, make some noise!!! Afterall, Santa is coming to town!

I was surfing google on "How to get more comments on blog?" and I saw something written by the author "Only 1 out of 100 readers leave comments!" It seems to be accurate as I sent out an email recently to hundreds of my subscribers for their thoughts and comments after they have received the "Be a Squaring Expert within 30 seconds" strategy. Get yours here if you don't know what I'm talking about

>> http://singaporeolevelmaths.com/2007/11/22/be-a-squaring-expert-in-30-seconds/

How many responded? 1 and only 1 -  yan! out of about hundreds of others...

Tks yan! I will continue to share with you more maths secrets. LOL, all right, I will continue to work harder to share with everyone who reads my site more maths secrets all right :)

Some of you might wonder, what's the deal about leaving comments? Well, you know something, I'm sure those who blog will agree that comments regardless of nice or not so nice, are ways of communicating with the author that "Hey I hear you".

I blog not for myself to read but rather, for all the rest in the universe! Let's hear the lions (Symbolizing Singapore) roar!!! Well, for those from all over the world, let's hear you even louder louder louder!

Have a good day ahead! :)

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