I Am Really Excited About This Online MindMap Tool!

When I first chanced upon it, I was absolutely blown away!

When I used it, I was totally amazed!

MindMapping has been a tool which I used it often and encourage students and everyone else to use it for getting ideas, organizing thoughts, planning... basically everything. I read quite a number of books on mindmapping published by renowned authors like Tony Buzan and a list of other in this field.

One of the stopping factors which used to stop me from creating my mindmaps was that I cannot draw. Students who have seen my "drawing" know that I am best at drawing lines and curves. My drawing subjects usually involved less than 5 lines/curves. LOL. I know.

When I saw this online mindmap, it is totally a gift from universal for me. I strongly everyone is used it. There's a free trial for 30 days for you to evaluate if this is the tool for you.

Online Mindmap Tool!


By the way, I do not recommend anything unless I have personally used and tested it to be effective.

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