GCE O level 2009 Timetable

Singapore GCE O level 2009 timetable is available at the SEAB website. Click here for direct link.

As indicated, both Elementary & Additional Mathematics would be completed within a week, with 1 paper a day which I thought is a better arrangement compared to 2008 (where there are 2 Math papers within a day!)

All Mathematics papers will end by the last week of October' 09!

4016/01: Elementary Mathematics 27th Oct 09 230-430pm
4016/02: Elementary Mathematics 28th Oct 09 230-500pm

4038/01: Additional Mathematics 29th Oct 09 230-430pm
4038/02: Additional Mathematics 30th Oct 09 230-500pm

Countdown to GCE O level 2009: Less than 7 months!

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