Free Mobile Software To Draw Quadratic, Algebraic & Trigonometry Graphs

I was searching for some convenient learning tools for plotting of graphs when I came across this mobile software for plotting of graphs.

In one of my post on Drawing of Quadratic Graphs, I introduced a very popular free software Graphmatica.

I have tested out this mobile software on my hp. It works!

It is good for sketching cubic, quadratic and trigo graphs. Very simple to use by inputting the coefficients of each terms.

How to download from computer to your handphone.

  1. Download the required file from here ( I downloaded the TVH-72g Graphing Calculator JAR )
  2. When the file is on your desktop, bluetooth it to your handphone
  3. Go to your handphone Received Files, click on it and it is available for use immediately!

See below for the screenshots:





This software is beneficial for knowing the general shape of the graphs.

For more information, click here

I would love to hear your experience in using this cool mobile software. Leave me your comments in the section below.

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