E-Maths: Temperature & Height of Mountain

This concept which I'm discussing in this question is common in O-Level E-Maths Paper 1.

Just pay attention that we're using difference in temperatures compared to height of mountain.

General knowledge: As we ascend the mountain, the temperature drops. In other words, the higher you're on a mountain, the colder it gets.

I hope you find the step by step solution easy to understand.

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  1. can we use gradient to find the temperature instead?


    edmund Reply:

    i dont know how to attach the image file here. roughly the steps are:
    1) sketch the graph of ht vs temp. Indicate three points: A(-16,3250); B(-10, h) & C(10,0) on the linear line, where h denotes the ht at -10 deg. C

    2) calcuate for h :

    gradient AB = gradient AC
    (h-3250)/[(-10-(-16)] = (3250-0)/(-16-10)
    h-3250 = -750
    so, h = 2500 metres


  2. That's insufficient. Form a table first. For me, I use x-axis as ht, y-axis as temp.Sketch the graph. From there, construct the y=mx+c equation. Sub in the y value and you will get the x!

    ps:This method is 'widely used' in lab, where they put in a value into the computer and they get the end result!


  3. The type of questions that have a hint of direct proportion indicates the use of this method. Might be a bit longwinded but will ease confusion.


  4. how do i deal with this qns if they asked ! what is the temperature at for instance 1500 m ! can you demonstrate it here!urgent!damn weak in this


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