E-Maths: Solve Linear Inequality [Video] - single inequality sign

I realized quite a handful of O-Level Maths students aren't strong in fundamentals of Algebra. One of them is solving linear inequality.

I've prepared a 4 minutes video to share with you 2 approaches.  One of them requires you to remember the changing of inequality sign when you multiply or divide a negative number to the unknown (or variable). The other approach doesn't require any new knowledge.

You choose your preferred way and stick to it for all linear inequality questions.

Love to hear from you which approach you use. Leave me your comments.

Direct link to Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7OB6Q0Fmtw

Hi, I'm Ai Ling Ong. I enjoy coaching students who have challenges with understanding and scoring in 'O' Level A-Maths and E-Maths. I develop Math strategies, sometimes ridiculous ideas to help students in understanding abstract concepts the fast and memorable way. I write this blog to share with you the stuff I teach in my class, the common mistakes my students made, the 'way' to think, analyze... If you have found this blog post useful, please share it with your friends. I will really appreciate it! :)

7 Responses to E-Maths: Solve Linear Inequality [Video] - single inequality sign

  1. -3+k < 1- 3k/4
    k+ 3k/4 < 1+3
    k + 3k/4 <4
    k< 2 2/7
    (< represents less than or equal to due to lack of keyboard functions)


    Margaret Reply:

    irfana ,i dont get how you came to your final answer because 4k+3k will give you 7k ryt..am lost here
    so k=16/7..or?..plz explian


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