E-Maths Note: Quadratic Equations & Graphs

3 Different representations of a quadratic equation & its significance

y=3x^2 - x + 5 : typical quadratic equation : Max/Min & instant answer to y-intercept
y=(x+4)^2 - 1 : Completed Squ form : Great for solving equation

y=(x-3)(x+2) : Instant answer to x-intercepts aka roots

Since we are on this topic of quadratic, one of the most important aspects is quadratic graphs.
There is a software which I use often for plotting of all sorts of graphs!
Yes, what you need to do is to "feed" the software with the equation of the graph that you intend to plot!

Get your free software for plotting by clicking here >>
Graphmatica Software

Now you know how your teachers plot their nice nice graphs :)

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