E-Maths Note: Quadratic Equations & Graphs Series

For those in Sec 3s, you will be learning more about Quadratic Graphs. Not so much of the drawing like in Sec 2s, but more of indepth understanding.

A quadratic graph typically is either a smiley face :) or a sad face :( some prefer to call them U or n shape.

Q1: Do you know how to tell the "mood" of the quadratic graph given its equation? Be very speific to ensure crystal clear understanding.

Eg y=-3+x-2x^2 :) or :(

Here are some important features of a quadratic graphs

  1. x-intercepts aka the roots
  2. y-intercept
  3. the turning point, either a max or a min point
  4. Equation of line of symmetry

Q2: Do you know that given a sketch of a quadratic graph with the x-intercepts indicated clearly, you can find

  1. the equation of the graph
  2. the equation of line of symmetry
  3. the co-ordinates of the turning point

By the way, co-ordinate is often referred to the "address" of a particular point. It looks like this : (x,y)

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