E-Maths Note: Quadratic Equations & Graphs Series Revisit

I have discussed about Quadratic Equations and Graphs previously in Features of Quadratic Equations and Graphs , Different representations of quadratic equations and their significance

This is really an important topic for students taking E-Math (elementary math) , more so for A-Math (additional math) as well.

Be sure that you know the basic of recognizing if a given equation is quadratic, how the quadratic equation looks like, the 5 main features of a quadratic graph, the different methods to solve a quadratic equation.

For students taking A-Math, you would definitely need to know more about the discriminant, sum or product of roots.

I would be elaborating more on methods to solve a quadratic equation and tips on discriminant so be sure you follow the blog by subscribing to the feed here.

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3 Responses to E-Maths Note: Quadratic Equations & Graphs Series Revisit

  1. Can you send me notes for GCE O level ?
    Needed it for my Os next year .
    Required both a and e math .
    E math notes from s1-4E .
    A math notes from s3-4E .
    Thanks for reading .
    Email me at to send me the notes


    Ai Ling Ong Reply:

    Hi Lynn, we do not send notes but I will be giving away a calculator guide. Look out for the announcement on the website.


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