E-Math Note : Congruency Triangle Tests

I was rather unwilling to talk about this topic previously as I remembered I didn't quite like triangles LOL ( Lame excuse!). Well, things usually turned out the more challenging something is, the more when one avoids, the worse thing get. In Singlish, we called it "Jia Lat" aka 1 Difficult, troublesome.  2 Severe, to a great extent; transf. very bad, terrible." Adopted from singlishdictionary.com

I finally took the "courage" to face this demon & guessed what! I conquered it within 30 minutes using sheer eye power! Read on for a 3 minutes summary on this topic Congruency = Same Shape & Same Size

Congruency Conditions

#1: SSS ( "side"-"side"-"side") : All corresponding sides of triangle must be EQUAL.

#2: SAS ("side"-included angle-"side"): 2 pairs of corresponding sides of triangle must be EQUAL & the included angle must be EQUAL to each other.

Btw, the included angle refers to the angle made by the 2 sides which explain the reason for "A" to be sandwiched between the 2 "S"s in SAS

#3: ASA ( angle - included side - angle) : 2 pairs of corresponding angles & the included side must be EQUAL to each other

Insided side is the line connecting the 2 angles. See "S" is sandwiched between the 2 As "ASA".

#4 RHS ( Hypotenuse - Side) : Meant for Right angle triangle. Corresponding Hypotenuses & 1 side of the triangle must be Equal to each other.

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