E-Math: How To Multiply Matrices (Video)

This is my first attempt this year to produce a video. Should the response be good, I will use video to share more tips and strategies with my audience, so please leave me a comment.

Please pardon me the 'echo' effect in my introduction and also the low resolution. I was using my new logitech webcam :D

I'm working towards producing better quality videos. Share tips on this if you have any. Would appreciate it.

For more posts on matrix, please refer to the related posts below.

I look forward in hearing your comments and the answer to the question in the video.

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10 Responses to E-Math: How To Multiply Matrices (Video)

  1. thanks ihave benefited a lot thats wonnderful.it"s very easy to understand the video lesson .please could you keep on doing this.i wii be happy to receive more videos from you on matrices.



  2. Nice!

    but hor... it will be better if
    1. ya elements are all different in both matrices. If I didn't remember wrongly, there are two element "1"s, one in each matrix;
    2. highlight the row and column u are multiplying to get the element in the product. e.g. Highlight row1 and column2 when working on the R1C2 element.

    Your videos always inspire me to make my own. but too lazy and tired. guess time and energy are the luxuries school teachers don't have.

    btw, just pluck in the mic and use with the software u told me and can capture sound n "movement" on the Tablet PC?


    alwaysLovely Reply:

    hann's mummy: Thanks for your feedback. I will look into those points mentioned for future video.

    I'm glad that my videos will motivate you to create your own. This is definitely benefits more students.

    I use Camtasia software for video-capturing.


  3. I benefit a lot from the video above.
    I hope to score in my class test :)

    Here's my answer for the practice question.
    I hope i can get it right :O
    Final Matrix Answer : 1 by 2
    ( 8+3 -12+0 ) => ( 11 -12 )


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