E-Math: Basic Concepts On Distance, Speed, Acceleration - Time Graphs

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In E-Math, one of the commonly asked questions in Paper 1 usually involved Kinematics (which is closely associated with motion) and in E-Math, we discuss about Distance, Speed and Acceleration.

One of the important definitions all students must know is acceleration. It's defined simply as the change of velocity with time.

I'm going to use the following example to highlight the types of information we can obtain from a speed-time graph. It contains my handwriting, hope it works well for you ;)

Try out the question before peeping at my solutions. (Highlighted parts = important formula)

speed-time graph


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  1. Interesting way of presenting it. I am learning something here myself.It is much better than formulas and theories textbooks. Keep it up and share more with everyone here. =)


  2. anymore tips on drawing acceleration time graph & distance time graph from speed time graph? like, their relationships, and etc. its quite confusing to differentiate them and to draw them given the info. thx.


    alwaysLovely Reply:

    I will take note of your question. Will see if I can do a post out of this.


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