Differences between tuition & coaching

Many a times, I tell people that I am a Maths Coach. They will like huh? Maths Coach? You mean tutor?

I am more than a tutor. Though coach is often used in Sports context, I still use it for my designation due to what I provide students.

I not only impart the technical know-hows through real life examples, I also get my dearest students to associate the life skills behind what they are learning. This has proven to be more meaningful for them and this is one of the reasons for students to have breakthroughs in their results.

I emphasize greatly on the winner's mindset for scoring in Maths. Well I would strongly recommend that this set of attitudes can apply not only on books but also real life. I use them personally.

One of which is

" I take responsiblity for the outcome"

This is a true winner. As by taking responsbility instead of blaming the whole world about what happened, I look at things from a different perspective and this allows me to reflect on the things I have done right and things that can be improved so that the next experience can be better. We act accordingly as we are in control!

So if you are simply looking for a tutor, I will not be the right person. However if you are looking for someone to remind you or give you a slight nudge or push to get you closer to your goals, I will be THE ONE.

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