Congratulations to all 88 NUS High pioneer batch graduates

All of the 88 National University of Singapore (NUS) High School graduates will get places in universities here or overseas. From Strait Times:

THE PIONEER batch of 88 National University of Singapore (NUS) High School of Mathematics and Science students graduated on Monday and all of them will get places in universities here or overseas.

Principal Hang Kim Hoon said he is confident that their NUS High School diplomas will earn all of them places in universities.

Some of the students have already been admitted to top universities such as King's College London, Cambridge and Oxford universities

Dr Hang said the students' achievements were poignant especially because they took the risk by becoming the first cohort to start on an experimental path of education which specialised in math and science and did away with the O-levels and A-levels.

The students entered NUS High School as year three students when it was still at its temporary location at Mount Sinai. The school has since moved to its permanent campus at Clementi Avenue.

In their three years at the school, they were exposed to a broad-based education which gave them grounding not only in math and science subjects but also allowed them to explore interests in humanities and the fine arts.

The students also worked with mentors from research institutes such as Agency for Science, Technology and Research and Defence Science Technology Agency on research projects based on their interes

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Gifted students were given opportunities to reach their potential. For example, 19 students from the graduating cohort took up university-level modules offered at NUS.

NUS High started off specializing in Math and Science Education for students who exhibit strong inclination towards these 2 major subjects. Based on what was reported, students in NUS High was provided with broad base education other than the 2 core subjects and at the same time explore students to the appreciation of humanities and fine arts subject.

In my opinion, this pioneer batch has shown the success of this initiative with all 88 students being offered places in either renowned overseas or local universities!

All the best for the future endeavors of these students! They have once again done themselves, their family and the nation proud!

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