Approved Calculator Models for O-Level Maths by Ministry of Education Singapore

Last week, I was sharing with my O-Level E-Maths students on the calculation of mean and standard deviation by using the calculator. Almost everyone is using the Casio 95 SG Plus or similar model.

There was a student who used Sharp model which I wasn't so familiar with initially. But we figured out the usage for the calculation anyway.

I decided to check if the Sharp model calculator is approved for O-Level.

Here's the list of approved calculators for O-Level Maths, check and ensure your calculator is allowable. Otherwise, buy a new one now.

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2 Responses to Approved Calculator Models for O-Level Maths by Ministry of Education Singapore

  1. Hi there. I accidentally brought a calculator of model Casio Fx 570ms into the exam room and forgot to check whether it is approved. It's not on the list, but it doesn't display integral forms or surd forms. I'm wondering what will examiners do; my invigilator checked it and left in on my table. Does this mean it's accepted? Please do let me know, I'm very worried! Thank you very much!


    Ai Ling Ong Reply:

    Bring along an approved calculator for the next paper.


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