A-Maths: Plane Geometry (Geometrical Proof) Mastery Workshop + SPECIAL CODE

Student 1: "I can't see!"

Student 2: "I don't know how to start. I don't know which theorem or formula to use."

Student 3: "I always can't do plane geometry question in exams!"

Student 4: "I don't understand the topic at all!"

These are the common problems faced by many A-Maths students in the topic of Plane Geometry, even A-grade students!

Every year since 2008 in GCE O-Level Additional Maths Paper 2, there's always a Plane Geometry question worth 8 to 10 marks!

This topic can be made easier by

  • Looking out for hints given in the question and diagram
  • Understanding the newly introduced theorems (5 of them)
  • Combining E-Maths angle and symmetry properties of circle
  • Learning the 'dummy-proof' way to prove congruent and similar triangles
  • Exposure to a variety of strategies and questions
  • Learning how to apply the skills learnt on solving questions

I'm conducting my final A-Maths Mastery Workshop on Plane Geometry this September!

Join me for this final revision and solve that Plane Geometry question in O-Level 2013, add 10 marks to your final score! 

For more details: go to www.singaporeolevelmaths.com/pg

Enter special code to enjoy $28 discount off the workshop fee!

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