A-Maths: Differentiation Techniques 101 [video]

In this video, I use three examples to show the usage of the three differentiation techniques.

  • Chain rule
  • Product rule
  • Quotient rule

You should be able to understand when and how to use each of the rule.

Length of video = 7 min

Click here for the direct link to the video.

Do leave me a comment for any related questions.

I have also created a video to show how I solve a question on 'Finding stationary value'. It is available here. [Length of video = 6 min]

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  1. Thanks for the video, i understand it better now. Can you put up videos to explain differentiation of trigo functions too? Thanks in advance. :)


  2. Hi ai ling how are you I am teaching in different school in Pakistan with the help of your videos i teach my students very well i am watching your videos since 2013 in these 2 years i become very good and famous teacher thanks alot i have to come singapore can i meet you over in singapore currently iaM in pakistan


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