A-Math: Spot the Mistake in this Logarithm Equations

I gave my Secondary 4 students 1 revision question per week. The recent one I marked was on the topic of Logarithms (the fresh-killer topic for many Secondary 3).


Did you spot the error? (It's a give-away if you observe clearly)

Do this question and share your answer(s) in the comment section.

I look forward in hearing from you.

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6 Responses to A-Math: Spot the Mistake in this Logarithm Equations

  1. (log2(base2)8)divide by(log2(base2)x)
    is not equal to (log2(base2)8/x)



  2. Let log2 x be y.
    2y = 3(log2 2 over log2 x) + 1
    2y - 1 = 3 ( 1 over y )
    2y^2 - y = 3
    2y^2 - y - 3 = 0
    ( 2y - 3 )( y + 1 ) = 0
    2y = 3 , y = -1
    y = 3/2

    If there is a faster method, i would like to know ;)


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