A-Math: Kinematics Vocabulary List on Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration (Includes a printable note)

Many students don't like the topic in A-Math known as 'Kinematics'. My guess is that it is linked closely to Physics which is a subject not favourited by many too.

To be able to understand Kinematics, I always get my students to be familiar with what I call a 'Kinematics Vocabulary List'. [Click here to download a printable note]

I hope you find this list useful. I would like to hear from you how you find Kinematics in Differentiation & Integration. Do you like it or dislike it? Leave me a comment.


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6 Responses to A-Math: Kinematics Vocabulary List on Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration (Includes a printable note)

  1. Please help.
    Acceleration is a=-5.4sinkt, where a and t are in m/s^2 and seconds respectively, k=3 rads. knowing that x=0 and v=1.8m/s when t=o, determine the velocity and position when t=0.5 s.


  2. thanks for this useful post.this kinematics vocabulary list is useful ..hope you will write more mathematics stuff here.


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