A-Math: Find Coordinates and Nature of Stationery Point (Plus: Tips to note in Differentiation)

The following question is similar to June 2008 GCE O Level A-Math Paper question which is testing on the following concepts

Differentiation involving exponential (I have written a post on Differentiation of e; post on Basic Differentiation Techniques are available here too )

Finding coordinates and nature of stationary point (Application of Differentiation)

Watch the video for a few more important tips on handling this sort of question.


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4 Responses to A-Math: Find Coordinates and Nature of Stationery Point (Plus: Tips to note in Differentiation)

  1. There is a small error in your video clip on "A-Math: Find Coordinates and Nature of Stationery Point (Plus: Tips to note in Differentiation)" if I m not wrong.
    -2x 4x 4x -2x
    -4e (e - 3) + 4e (2e )

    -2x 4x 4x
    = 4e ( -e + 3 + 2e )

    -2x 4x
    = 4e ( e + 3)


    alwaysLovely Reply:

    Thanks for informing me about it.
    I have updated the changes.


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