A-Math Essential Concepts Revision Workshop

December 2008



Dear Ms. Ling,
Thank you so much for the photos and looking forward to the work she has done for the past 4 days.
I’m very contented that she has learnt alot from this workshop and my money is worth it. Appreciate you help in motivating and making A-Maths a joyful and interesting workshop for my kid.

Tks, Shoba (Parent of Devyaah)

a-mathworkshop 004

“I have benefitted a lot from this workshop. Ai Ling has put across alot of different and creative ways to make us understand the complex concepts in A-Maths and make it easier to remember the various formulas. I haven’t been getting good results in my school exams but through this workshop, I had learnt the common mistakes I always make and had understood the concepts better. I will really recommend the workshop to my classmates as I think it has been really beneficial for me. Thank You (=”

Nurul Arinie, Regent Sec Sch

a-mathworkshop 018

“Very good, I understand the concepts better and know how to apply the formulae. I have improved and am happy about it. This programme focuses on the key concepts.”
Bryanesh Balu, Yuan Ching Sec Sch

“I like this workshop very much, I really learnt alot!! I like the way you teach I can understand easily, the story makes us remember the most and all the different types of methods you used to teach us I love them. I will remember it forever. The music make me feel like the environment is good for learning and it prevented me from getting too stressed up. I like the way you help me to recap yesterday's things and your method of teaching us is so special. Thank you!!"

Jonas Tan, Regent Sec Sch

a-mathworkshop 047-m


“I came into this course thinking that I wouldn’t learn much but I was wrong. I’ve learnt alot more than I imagined I could in four days. I would definitely recommend this to others. I have learnt a great deal and it definitely has helped me a lot. I’ve not been for other programmes so I wouldn’t know how to compare but this definitely is one to remember. Thank you for the assistance you have given me for the past 4 days. I’ll continue to look at A-Math in a new perspective. Thank you for your 100% attention towards us to improve our A-Math”

Devyaah, Whitley Sec Sch