A-Math Differentiation with Ln

Qn frm email (Additional Mathematics Question / A-Math Questions)

Differentiate ln square root (2x+4)

Hint#1: Bring out Laws of Ln which is somewhat the same as Laws Of Log :)
Hint#2: When you are asked to Diff Ln (whatever) = Diff (whatever) OVER (whatever) :)


Amaths Differentiation and Integration techniques.
How to actually remember all the different ways for differentiating and Integrating, I always get mixed up

Hi xxx,

Differentiation = Decrease Power
Integration = Increase Power
(It's often sth OVER another)


Diff e^2x = 2e^2x
Integrate e^2x = (e^2x / 2)

Diff (3x+4)^5 = 5(3x+4)^4 (3)
Integrate (3x+4)^5 = (3x+4)^6/(3*6)

It's suggested that you have a "cheat" sheet with Diff on Left Hand Side and Integration on Right Hand Side.
To familiarise more, work on at least 5 qns just on differentiation and integration :)
You can always scan me any qns or type out any should you face any challenges.


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  1. thank u v much for the hints on integration .
    i always look forward to such challenging problems.
    binomial expansion problem, i do the problems always the same method----term independent of x .
    keep guiding us.
    thanks love


    alwaysLovely Reply:


    Thanks for your kind words.
    I did a search on Binomial Expansion and found a post which addresses the concept of Term Independent of x!
    I hope you find this post useful too.
    Click on the link to read more:


  2. Thanks for your help in trying to inculcate the core of add maths to newly addicted student in add maths.I have been forced to get in touch with your precious explanation out of sheer interest,and also in trying to help my son to achieve good grade in add maths.I have been able to get him interested in maths-and he is doing quite well;but,the main reason is that he is very week in add maths,though he is having private tuition.The proceeding and approach with which you deliver your tuition/guide are amazing,and crystal clear.I love you for being such a good teacher.Thanks.


    Ai Ling Reply:

    Thank you for your wonderful comment.
    I'm glad that I can help.
    Subscribe to my channel for updates on my videos: http://www.YouTube.com/alwayslovelysg


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