2014 GCE O-Level Additional Maths 4047 Paper 1 Post Mortem

After doing the revised syllabus 4047 GCE O-Level Additional Maths Paper 1, it reconfirms that Cambridge is testing basic concepts but presented in a different manner.

There are many small details that candidate should look out for. I was underlining these small details eg acute angles, exact value, in radians, the acute angle, x coordinate.

I highly recommend all candidates to read your question carefully, keep asking yourself if you have answered the question.

An additional point to highlight is look at the allocation of marks to gauge the amount of working to present, the choice of approaches to use.

Based on what have been tested in Paper 1, we are looking forward to the following concepts in Paper 2:

  • Indices
  • Logarithms
  • Sum & Product of roots
  • Factor Remainder Theorem (solving cubic equations)
  • Equation of circle (*Draw if you don't understand the question)
  • Trigonometry Graphs
  • Trigonometry Double Angle
  • Geometry Proof (Please know your congruent and similar triangles tests) 
  • Parabola & General shapes of graphs in the form y = ax^n (where n is a fraction)
  • Area under curve
  • The Hence concept (Differentiation & Integration combined)
  • Kinematics 

I would be expecting cross-chapters questions tomorrow. Just like you, I'm a candidate so the above list is just my suggestion.

All the best for the final Maths paper. See you at the finishing line.

PS: Don't worry about bell curve! It's beyond our control!

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