2008 A/E Maths Coaching Programme | Tuition 2008

Update: 2009 O Level Additional Mathematics Coaching Programme & Events are available here.

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Dear Students & Parents,

With slightly 1 more month to the start of 2008, I am sure you are equally excited as me to start the brand new year. For all students, it will be another good year I promise as long as you start it on the right note :-) For all Sec 3s taking both A/E Maths, you might find it slightly overwhelmed by numbers, algebra initially but given a short period of time, I am sure you can quickly adjust to the environment.

During this holidays, I am coaching a few students, some on headstart, some on revision programme. And I notice something when I signed in at Condo apartments, there are in fact quite a number of students who are having tuition as well. Well, being in consistent touch with books is book lest the brain gets rusty haha!

Enrollment for my GCE O Level A/E Maths 2008 Individual Coaching has started.

At this moment, you might have a few questions in mind. You can find the answers later on. But more importantly, for any coaching sessions or tuition ( as what the rest of Singapore calls it), it is really important that the coach and student can communicate effectively. Afterall, learning is a 2 way traffic and in order for the student to achieve most from the sessions, the coach must be able to relate to the student according to learning style so all students who are seeking for tutors, coaches, get them to give you a trial lesson to determine if he or she is the right one to guide you to achieve what you want.


Well, if you want to find out if I am the right coach for your Maths, call me :-) 9 685 7675 for a free trial lesson.

A/E Maths Coaching 2008

Who is alwaysLovely?

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A/E Maths Coaching 2008

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One Response to 2008 A/E Maths Coaching Programme | Tuition 2008

  1. Dear alwayslovely,

    I am parent of a grade 9 student who studies in an international school. Pls see my questions below :

    1. Are you experienced in teaching international students taking Extended Level IGCSE syllabus, not GCE "O" level?
    2. Since the school does not provide him A. Maths lesson, I am keen to let him take it through private tuition. Are you the right person I am looking for ?
    3. Can you enrol him to the IGCSE A. Maths exam on personal basis ?
    4. If you are interested and think that you are the suitable one, please provide me your academic and teaching background with relevance to A/E Maths ?
    5. Any solid result from your previous students can be provided ?
    6. How many years have you been in the teaching field, and do you think you can provide coaching on a long term basis until he takes the exam ? He is in Grade 9 (equil. to Form 4).
    7. What is tuition fee you are asking ? How long for each lessson ?

    Thank you very much.


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